One of our essential pillars is the wide offer and quality of the products as well as the first quality service that we offer our clients. All beds that leave our factory are exhaustively checked by our operators and tested by a quality control machine designed by Pardo, which verifies the operation under conditions of use and the quality of the product.

Numerous tests are carried out internally and externally by accredited entities. All of the models are subjected to demanding life tests, which far exceed the established standards, which ensures compliance with the current regulations required for the certification of products.

External audits are carried out by entities notified and accredited by ENAC that endorse our quality systems, environmental management and health product.
We have the following certificates of quality, at your disposal.

Quality Certificates Valid until Language Download
17/09/2017 English ISO 9001-EN.pdf
Medical device Valid until Language Download
17/09/2017 English ISO 13485-EN.pdf
LICENCE DE PRODUIT SANITARY 26/08/2018 Spanish Licencia producto Sanitario.pdf
Environmental Certificates Valid until Language Download
18/09/2018 English ISO 14001-EN.pdf